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Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi

Kashi Art Cafe, Fort Kochi

This was our first stop in our Kerala trip. NS, E and I had read so much about Kashi Art Cafe that we set out for lunch as soon as we set foot in the streets of Fort Kochi. We entered this cute little cafe perched in the charming streets and were struck by the beautiful paintings and sculptures. As one moves further, you enter the cafe area which is green and semi open. Between us, we ordered a Sandwich, Quiche and Pasta. I had ordered the Quiche but it dissapointed as there was too much of egg in it. Bullied NS and E into having it while I ordered a Sandwich and Coffee. This time thankully, both were good. NS and E ordered dessert and I wisely stayed away. The food is average but if you are in this mood for coffee and conversations in a serene and beautiful atmosphere, this is the place to be. If you are alone and have a book and coffee for company, even better!

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