Varie tea

23 May

I had been seeing this cute little sign every time I passed the road. Finally on one rainy evening when I was, both in this mood and need for chai, I decided to venture in.

I was instantly warmed by the cozy interior and I settled myself in a corner table. The Menu was interesting — they had a wide variety of tea which they served in a Cup or Pot (meant for two). I love huge cups of tea and the weather was such that I thought of ordering a Pot for myself. They had some nice snack options too ranging from Khari biscuit and Bun Maska to Sanwiches and Egg.  In short, everything possible which can go as a nice snack option with tea. Using the “Ghanti” which is used for ushering in the waiter, I ordered a Pot of Masala Tea and an Open Sandwich and settled myself with some magazines.

The Cute little Pot of tea with two love cups arrived (yes– like the love seats) and so did the Sandwich. Nothing dissapointed. The Chai was refreshing, the Sandwich yummy, the background music soulful and the evening perfect.

I ended up going to this place five times after that and though the last two times, it was getting too crowded for my comfort but overall, still a cute little place. Especially if you want to unwind with friends over a cuppa and don’t want to go to a cliche Barista or CCD.

Food– 3/5 , Service — 3/5, Ambience- 3/5 , Value for Money — 4/5


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