22 Parallel

21 May

One of the best South Indian restaurants in Vadodara. Yummy food and hospitability at its best. I mean whatever that I have had there — be it The Dosas, Rasam, Filter coffee, Neer dosa with Avial, Lemon Rice, Payasam, Curd rice– nothing dissapoints.

My favourites are Neer Dosa and Avial – makes sense to order them as these are not the run of the mill Dosas and Idlis which you get in any South Indian joint. Also their filter coffee is a must try and Payassam – heavenly.

There is this sweet lady who I presume is the owner of that place — she also guides when we place orders

Its located in Jetalpur road now, just above Oven Magic.

Food– 4.5/5 , Service — 3/5, Ambience- 3/5 , Value for Money — 4/5


2 responses to “22 Parallel

  1. Ashima

    December 23, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    Totally agree to it being one of the best South Indian restaurants in baroda! When I first went in, I assumed it would be nothing more than idly and dosa.. But the menu pleasantly surprised me 🙂
    Have been meaning to blog about it and also varieTEA since sometime but never got down to it! 😮


  2. manseelikes

    January 4, 2013 at 1:41 pm

    @ Ashima -Yeah, now that Im out of Vadodara last month, I miss it so much!! especially the familiarity of the place- the ppl, the roads, the restaurants- where to go for what – was in the tip of my tounge…Enjoy while u r there !!


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