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Is it for real?

A friend recently shared that he had a “drink date” with  his chat friend over “skype” last weekend.  Both did not talk much – music was on at both their respective homes; just that they were refilling their drinks together. His statement made me feel sad and elated at the same time.

Sad because I felt that was a lonely way to socialize. It is always nicer to share a drink/dinner with a person in the same room as against online. Why elated then? Hmm…many of us sometimes may be surrounded by lot of people we know – family/ friends/ office colleagues etc. But sometimes there is something missing…maybe a connect, which you find with somebody miles away. Why to be bogged down then by geographical differences when we have the advantage of telecommunication.

Call me a traditionalist, but I still like to meet people personally then chat with them over the phone/net/skype. A ” 🙂 ” over the net cannot compare to a real smile and texting ” X0X ”  (hugs and kisses) can no ways compare to the real thing!

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